By adopting ducks you will be supporting these as well as other great Rotary causes!

Happy Ducks mean Happy People!



 Telethon WA

 Heirisson & Rotary International

Telethon WA, our Duck Derby’s major beneficiary, is a registered children’s charitable trust is dedicated to raising funds to improve the lives of children and young people throughout Western Australia. Since 1968 it has been supporting the medical and social welfare of children and young people, and funding research into children’s diseases.

The Duck Derby has generated around $120,000 for Telethon over the past five years.

Funds will also be directed to the many local community, international and vocational projects and youth programs with which the Rotary Club of Heirisson is involved or associated.  These include initiatives supporting dental-care and health-care and services for the homeless and remote communities. On an international scale Rotary projects target disease prevention, the provision of clean drinking water and supporting education. 100% of the funds received by Rotary go toward service projects. Read more below…

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Heirisson applies other proceeds from the Duck Derby to its local community and vocational projects, Rotary’s youth programs, and international service projects. With other fundraising sources, we support a wide range of programs locally, nationally and internationally. We are particularly proud of our youth programs and major community initiatives developed through our wide networks and vocational expertise.

Within Western Australia, Heirisson is involved with the Kimberley Dental Team, which recently chalked up significant milestones in improving dental health within Aboriginal communities.

Heirisson also helps champion our ‘Give a Feed’ initiative with Foodbank WA, and the Place of Reflection in Kings Park, as part of its consortium. We also promote ‘Socks in the City’, our initiative developed in collaboration with Homeless Healthcare (Mobile GP).

A current international project, Wawan Water, involves providing fresh water for three villages or hamlets on Ambrym, a remote island of Vanuatu. We work collaboratively with Engineers Without Borders New Zealand (EWBNZ) and the Rotary Club of Apia. Such projects can make profound improvements to the health and welfare of their local communities.

In the past our members were also instrumental in developing the HeadQuarters youth facility in Leederville (1997-2002), now run by YMCA, and the Healing Hearts Foundation developed following the Interlaken canyoning disaster on 27 July 1999.

Initiatives such as the Duck Derby help provide the means for Heirisson to participate in these and many other service projects.

Your support, by purchasing tickets to ‘adopt’ your ducks in the Derby, will greatly assist us in continuing with this valuable work.

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Updated: 2016-02